Philippe Gour’s RMS Titanic Biography

by 4englishclass

Philippe Gour                                                                                                             English 11


Mr. George Thomas Macdonald Symons


Born:Thursday 23rd of Febuary 1888 in Weymoth

Age:24 years

Death:date and location unknown

Nationality: English

Burial: Hollybrook Cemetery, Shirley, Hampshire England

Last residence: At 55 Fanshaw street Southampton Hampshire England.

Occupation on Titanic: Lookout and part of the deck crew.  

Survivor: he survived by being the 11th person on lifeboat no. 1 which was the forth lifeboat to be launched of the RMS titanic. (He led the lifeboat with Mr. Alberto Edward Harold James Horsewill)

First embarked: Southampton England Wednesday April 10th

Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912.

Last ship: The Oceanic as a lookout, his monthly wage of ₤5

* He signed on the titanic on the 6th of April 1912

* He was in command of lifeboat no. 1

* He was a part of the deck crew on the RMS titanic.


Photos of Mr. Symons


 In his early youth.

 Mid teens.

 A young man.

 Symons is the third on the right.


Photos of the lifeboats



Being rescued from Carpatia.


What the lifeboats were like for the RMS titanic.